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The Science Behind The Support

Created with a revolutionary bamboo charcoal, our Bearhug Supports provide you with ultimate comfort, outstanding support and all round protection!

This revolutionary solution works by retaining body heat and improving blood circulation. This allows for greater flexibility of your soft tissue and gives compression to your muscles and joints while aiding recovery time of sprains and tired muscles. 


    Enhanced stability and comfort

    Provided by the smooth and round structure of the fibres, bamboo is soft and non-irritating. No creasing when wearing, keeping you stronger for longer.

    Heat regulating

    Bamboo charcoal activates far infrared rays (FIR) when it makes contact with our body, creating natural heat improving the blood flow.

    Injury prevention & rehabilitation

    Compression from the support increases oxygen and nutrient rich blood getting to your organs, cells and tissues including muscles.


    Protects the joint and reduces pain

    Reduces muscle swelling

    Improves blood circulation

    Provides strength and support during activities

    Supports weak and arthritic joints

    Supports rehabilitation


    Mike Biss

    Mike Biss - PT at Falcon Fitness

    I am very lucky that my work brings me into contact with people from all walks of life and ability, up and coming athletes to weekend warriors, weight loss to weight gain and everything in between.

    Injuries are one of the unfortunate things that affect people who train regardless of ability, and can not only stop your enjoyment but end a career, I have seen this take place far too often in my 30 plus years of being involved in fitness industry.

    When I was first approached by a friend and asked to look at Bearhug and give my opinions on the products I did so as a favour as my free time is limited. After researching all aspects of the materials used I submitted my thoughts on the product but would not comment further until I had held and had the opportunity to carry out field tests.

    When the supports came through and after extensive testing across a wide field and level of activities I can honestly say I have never come across a collection of supports that not only do the job better than any I’ve seen before but are from all reports extremely comfortable to wear over an extended time period.

    I would not only recommend Bearhug as a product (I have purchased some for friends as presents) but would use them myself should the need arise.

    John Miles

    John Miles - Ex Cardiff Blues and Current WRU National Squad Physio

    We have had the benefit of using Bearhug supports at Cardiff Blues for both our training and recovery purposes for a while now. The support and comfort provided gives confidence that players are being well protected and recovering as quickly as possible. Our players have reported they enjoy wearing the product both pre and post training. As well as the team, I have also used these supports and felt the benefit.

    David 'Onemore' Round

    David 'Onemore' Round - Professional MMA Fighter

    I have no doubt that my Bearhug supports have saved my professional fighting career, the pain in my knees from years of punishment was crippling me. Now I can train and fight without any pain, during or afterwards.